Private Labeling

Investing in OTC Private Labeling

According to an article posted by Investopedia on November 10th, 2009, “The private label sales have grown substantially by over 31% since 2008 and accounting for nearly 22% of market share across a variety of category goods”. More specifically, Drug Topics reports that “private label for OTC products have grown substantially and in 2008 pharmacists sold approximately 80 million prescriptions per month nationwide”. In addition, according to Healthcare Observer 2011, “the nutritional and OTC healthcare markets will grow 5% annually to $200 billion by 2015, with the correspondence to a $123 billion market in nutrition, vitamins and supplements, and a $77 billion market in OTC drugs.

Atlas Pharmaceutical is heavily involved in strategically investing in formulas so that either our current or new customers benefit from distributing OTC or RX products that generate quicker than usual turnarounds. The value we truly bring to our customers is to find OTC’s and Rx products that can be reformulated and offered with a higher quality presentation and long-term growth and profit sustainability.


Private Label Formulations

Atlas Pharmaceutical offers private label solutions for OTC’s and Rx products. Whether you need to reformulate a product or distribute a product under your own label, Atlas Pharmaceutical is the right source for you! Our formulators have on average 12-15 years of industry experience and continue to deliver successful formulations to customers around the world.


Artwork Designing

  • Creative & Expert Designers
  • Regulatory Label Review & Compliance
  • Global Multi-Language Labeling
  • Artwork Support & Revisions
  • Artwork + Imprints
  • Designing based on OTC Comparables
  • Designs for the following:
    • Private Label
    • Test Markets
    • Full-Scale Distribution


Advantages of Using Our Artwork Designing Services

  • Drafts are provided in its appropriate layout
  • We provide files for packaging component artwork
  • Our artwork department works with a variety of digital art files and templates
  • We implement change control on labels internally


Artwork on Types of Packaging

  • Folding Cartons
  • Printed Shrink Sleeves / Neck Bands
  • Packet / Pouches and Stick Packs
  • Plastic / Aluminum Tubes (Imprinted)
  • Standard Labeling

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